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I'm KR Holton, I'm a writer from the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. Historically, this land belonged to the Ho-Chunk Nation. Learn more at Native Land Digital

While I am just starting my journey towards publication, my writing experience has been lifelong. 

For a long time, that meant a lot of academic and business writing. I almost let those things kill my passion for fiction.

I'm glad to be back.


From urban fantasy, paranormal, and science-fantasy, to hard sci-fi and horror, I believe fiction has a unique ability. It allows us to see our real, mundane world through a new lens. It allows us to approach complex problems we encounter in reality, without the threat of confrontation we face when debating about those same topics with friends. It allows us to meet people who are just like us, as well as people who couldn't be more different. Fiction is a window into other people's worlds. Without our even knowing it, those worlds grant us a new way to understand our own.

In other words, fiction is magic, conjuring images and people from nothing. And that, I believe, is more impactful than any self-help, psychology, or history text. 

Read more about me in my intro blog post here.

100% Human Guarantee

I do not use AI generated writing. I do not use AI assisted writing. I do not knowingly use AI generated images anywhere in my marketing, my blog, or social media. All these words are mine. 

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