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Check out the selection of pieces below or view my blog for examples of my writing.

Missing Persons

Flash Fiction

This is a post-apocalyptic vignette that could serve as the opening image of a novel.

Some Strings Attached

Flash Fiction

This is a fantasy flash fiction piece exploring persuasion and temptation. It may serve as inspiration for a larger piece later!

QBO: Matching Square Deposits to Imported Invoices

Quickbooks Online Training Resource

This document was created to address a common new-user problem in Quickbooks Online. As a bookkeeper and consultant for the local Small Business Development Center, I created many documents like this one to aid clients in navigation this complex software in an easy-to-digest way, providing ample illustrative pictures so that clients knew they were on the right track every step of the way.

Note: The information in this document is outdated. QBO has a new method for importing Square transactions, so please don't use this as a guide. It is only meant to give an example of my writing.

Resource Spotlight: Save the Cat

Author Blog Post Example

Rose Wilson's blog is aimed at providing writers & novelists a hub of information, bringing together resources from all over the internet. The tone is conversational and friendly. Readers are meant to feel like friends, sitting and chatting at a writing group. This blog post was written to share a resource that may be helpful for beginning writers as well as use affiliate links without being off-putting to readers.

Sheep Breed Spotlight: Merino

Knitting Resource Excerpt

This article was written for a local yarn shop to post as a resource on their website. Many of the shops products featured yarns with different kinds of wools. They wanted to educate their customers about the uses, features, and qualities of each different type. This article was the first in a series, each talking about a different breed of sheep.

While educational, the articles were meant to be easy to understand and conversational in tone, so that the information was casually digestible and entertaining.

Get Ready for Sweater Weather

Knitting Blog Post Example

This blog post was written for a local yarn shop to drive excitement in their customer base during a time of year when yarn sales are typically slow. This particular post was also sent out as part of their email newsletter and was directly linked to an increase in sales for the next two weeks.

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