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This is an A5 sized PDF file.


This simple monthly planner page was inspired by one of the Plum Paper daily layouts, but I really wanted the sheet to work with my goal planning system and be more tailored to my creative work.

At the top are three boxes for goals--you can either write out your goals for the month or write out tasks that will support your longer-term goals.


The left column is a full month laid out vertically. Keep appointments, events, or tasks here.


The center column has a lined section labeled "Notes" and an unlabeled dotted section. You can use this as a habit tracker, a space for a quote, extra note space, or anything else!


The third column is a to do list.


At the bottom of the sheet is a shaded box labeled Projects to list out an overview of the projects you plan to work on this month. For a template to actually plan and organize those projects, check out my Gantt Project Planner and Project Planning Templates!


These files have been tested extensively on a Supernote A5X and are ideal with the toolbar in either the top or bottom. They also work great printed out for an A5 ring-bound or disc-bound planner.


If you like this template, consider checking out my other printable planners! And if you like this layout but need a more granular view of your time, check out the weekly and daily versions!

Planner Template - Month on One Page - A5

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    These files can be printed or used on any PDF compatible device. These are not form fillable PDFs. They are meant to be written on with a stylus. 

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