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If you're interested in the Project Planning from my Quarterly Gantt Project Planner but don't need all the Gantt pages, this download is for you!


This PDF contains only the 4 project planning layouts for you to print as many times as you need.

  • Basic layout - Task list with dotted notes section

  • Repetitive task layout - for projects with lots of tasks that each have the same set of steps to complete. For example, if the project is my blog, each task may be a blog post, which I have to write, edit, layout, publish, and share. Instead of writing out a new task for each of those steps, I put the steps in the vertical columns and the names of my blog posts on each line, then check off the boxes as I complete steps. This layout is also useful for tasks that you repeat several times. You could write the days of the week along the top and use it as a habit tracker!

  • Date-focused layout - for projects with lots of due dates

  • Two column layout - for projects with lots and lots of little tasks!


Each layout has space at the top to describe your project and its objective (ideal outcome) as well as important dates and space for a list of resources you'll need to get started. At the bottom of each layout is space to record your milestones. This can be used to track monthly progress, completion of phases of the project, or celebrate wins of any size.


I recommend printing multiple with the layout that's most suitable for your project. For extra big projects, I print a notes page on the other side of the spread for more tasks or planning space.


PS. If you're looking for a more in-depth quarterly planning system for your projects, check out the full version: Quarterly Gantt Project Planner

And if you're looking for more information about using these templates, start with my blog post here.

Project Planner Template - Letter-sized Printable

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    US Letter (8.5"x11")

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    These files can be printed or used on any PDF compatible device. These are not form fillable PDFs. They are meant to be written on with a stylus. 

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