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Migrating my blog, website, and shop

Hello from my new home. If you're reading this note, you're already in the right place! For posterity, I'm re-posting my moving announcement below. Please subscribe to this new blog by filling the form at the bottom of this post. Glad to have you here!
Banner: I'm moving! New Blog, New Site, New Shop

Out with the old 

Up until now, my blog, website, and printables shop have been three separate entities. It worked as a starting point--all the services I was using were free, which allowed me to dip my toes into the blogging world without a big commitment. I don't think  I would have started this blog if it weren't for blogger! 


Blogger is more than a little bare-bones when it comes to features one might expect from a blog. Like, yaknow, being able to subscribe to it. I had to get a third-party widget to allow people to subscribe. 

My website was a free google site, which was about as featureless as a drag-n-drop site builder can be.

My shop was hosted on Gumroad (and still is, I don't intend to take it down). Gumroad does offer a lot of features for selling digital products like my planning templates, but has very limited customization options.

So, three separate platforms for my online presence, and as much as I tried to make the colors and fonts cohesive, they all look like different platforms. I don't know if anyone cared about any of that as a user, but every time I wanted to change something and had to log into three different websites, it drove me mad. 

In with the new

So, I'm formally announcing my new website is live! You can still find me at but it will by a shiny new layout. 

You can now find my blog (including all of my old posts!) at Please resubscribe over there--this will be the last post I publish here on blogger/blogspot. 

I will also be slowly adding my existing products to my new shop, which you can also find on my website here: The old Gumroad shop will stay live and I intend to add new digital products in both locations. Find that at


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