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I'm writing a new project for NaNoWriMo this year!

Code name: Lorem Ipsum. I know, you're thinking "how original," and you're right. But let me explain.

Have you ever gotten inspiration from a mistake? An accident? A "whoops, I thought you said this" and then letting your mind run through "wait, what if they had said that?"

So, there we were, watching a documentary about fonts and typefaces, as you do. And of course, the documentarian kept using Lorem Ipsum as examples. And for whatever reason--maybe the accent or maybe I just wasn't paying good attention--I kept hearing Lauren instead of lorem. And from that very minor mistake, I went down a rabbit hole.

What if there was a girl whose name really was Lorem Ipsum? And every time she went to Starbucks or something, she had to say, "no, not Lauren. Lorem. Like the placeholder text." What kind of parents would name their kid a placeholder?

The character grew from nothing more than those simple questions into a full-fledged person that lived in my mind. Her parents formed themselves from the ether and begged for a world to exist in. All I needed was to invent the conflict that would make the tension that so obviously existed between these imaginary people come to it's natural explosive end.

So, preptober has been creating this world, plotting, and brainstorming, and I'm so jazzed to write this story for NaNo. I'm so excited to write another urban portal fantasy. I'm so excited to share with you how I got from "misheard name at Starbucks" to urban portal fantasy.

Let's kill these 50k words!

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